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valeria coghi
Architect and lighting designer founder of DAAS

Architect graduated from the Véritas University with and Master's in lighting design at the IED Madrid, Spain. Founder of the design studio DAAS Lighting, specializing in scenic and architectural lighting design. Recently winner of the National Theater Award, Ricardo Fernández Guardia, 2021, for best lighting design, and Best Costa Rican Design Award, for best lighting design in the category of experience designs. And an active member of IDA (International Dark-Sky Association). She has worked on various stage lighting and architectural lighting projects. Also has a completed training in architectural lighting design at ERCO, Lüdenscheid,Stadt des Lichts”, Germany, specialize in the thought and development of lighting design. Currently she is working also as a lighting design educator in two private Universities in Costa Rica, Veritas University and Creativa University.


Light inspires me in every detail. I love creating strong images you can always remember.

Just like when you really fall in love.

You never forget.

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